Untitled by Nancy Ann Belsky and Rossanna Wells

Quilter in Distress: Nancy Ann Belsky
Rescuer: Rossanna Wells

Untitled • 16" x 17"

Nancy: "I started this piece about three years ago when Terri Lipman, a member of our guild, gave an all-day workshop on various techniques of dyeing fabric. (I know there were three techniques used in printing this fabric, but I can't remember what they were!) This poor thing hung on my wall for over a year waiting for inspiration, then slowly migrated to the bin of "I need to know more to finish this" pieces. I had imagined it as striking sunflowers in pinks, purples, and yellows perhaps with some orange and gold thrown in. I also wanted a feeling of texture. I am unhappy with it as it stands because I don't have the guts to go bold and give it the pizzazz it deserves. As you can see, each addition I started is still high on the "blah" scale. Thanks for breathing life into my UFO."

Rossanna: "What a fun challenge this was! I received a sort of flower-power outlined block. On top of that were some stains on the back which I believe were part of the dyeing that the owner did when stamping the flower on the front. I decided to use the original design as a background for a nativity scene."


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