Untitled by Phyllis Tarrant and Kay Pearson

Quilter in Distress: Phyllis Tarrant
Rescuer: Kay Pearson

Untitled • 29" x 18"

Phyllis: "I was experimenting with discharge and thought to make a quilt by first piecing, then discharging and then quilting. I am happy with the way the discharging turned out, but it was immediately obvious that the piece needed more than just quilting to finish it. It has been more than a year and I have yet to figure out what it needs."

Kay: "Upon the arrival of the UFO challenge piece that I was assigned, I had many thoughts. The piece was full of wonderful discharged designs and I studied the work for a long time before beginning my creative additions. The stripes were very interesting with the designs that had been created and I knew that I didn't want to distract from the original intention. My first thoughts were to square up the material and get rid of the slight curve on the one edge. Next, I cut the work into even strips and then I rotated every other section. This appears to be more of a distraction to the work rather than an enhancement. It was clear to me that the work needed to remain in the same direction that it was created with the black strips separating the cuts. Off-setting the borders offered still another interest. The main designs were hand-quilted with metallic monofilament. The background was hand quilted with a variegated black, white, and gray thread in a diamond shaped pattern that was created with a variety of different width masking tapes."


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