Untitled by Rossanna Wells and Nancy Belsky

Quilter in Distress: Rossanna Wells
Rescuer: Nancy Belsky

Untitled • 18' x 15"

Rossanna: "I've been quilting for the past 13 years. I wanted to create a sort of cherry blossom piece, capturing the flow and gracefulness that these beautiful flowers have, sort of the flow that I got at the bottom with the leaves. I wanted to follow the simplicity that Japanese arrangements have and the beautiful effect they create. I didn't get that effect and there is a key element missing, it don't know where to take it from here."

Nancy: "As I first opened the box I was delighted because the piece immediately reminded me of undulating kelp. The beautiful flowers stymied me because I know that kelp doesn't flower. It took a long time and a lot of courage to change the flowers to jellyfish. From there it took on a life of its own. Carp from my Asian fabric collection begged to swim around. (I know, not salt water fish, but I took artistic license.) I added dark-blue organza to give more contrast to the yellow fish. Torn organza in two shades and fuzzy yarn added more seaweed. I finished off with another single layer of organza and a fuzzy yarn frame. I hope the original artist is pleased with our combined creation!"


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One thought on “Untitled by Rossanna Wells and Nancy Belsky

  1. We were both thinking of Japan and flowing lines.  When I was in over there there were carp in all of the gardens.  I’ve loved them since and started collectinf fabric with fish featured.  Thanks for giving me a good start  for the finished product. – Nancy Ann  (It looks like we finished each other’s quilts.)