Untitled by Sandy Huntress and Janet Blackwell

Quilter in Distress: Sandy Huntress
Rescuer: Janet Blackwell

Untitled • 18" x 18"

Sandy: "I don't really know what I had intended to create here, that's probably a good part of the reason why it's not finished! Several years ago, after taking Karen Coombs' workshop, "Optical Illusions in Quilting," I purchased her diamond templates and way more Bali Batiks than I could afford and had a blast making this piece. I often take it out from my stack of quilt tops and put it on the design wall, just to enjoy it, and have always love the fabrics, colors, and the M.C. Escher-ish look about it. I never knew quite what it needed to bring it to completion, but I know it needs more than simply to be appliquéd down to a background. I hope whoever works on my quilt has a lot of fun. I know I'm looking forward to the challenge of bringing someone else's project to completion."

Janet: "I must confess that I did not see the pattern of cubes at first glance, or for a few hours of gazing. I had it out on my kitchen counter to ponder the possibilities. A number of hours and gazes later, I recognized the cube pattern, an "Escher-like" pattern of illusion that didn't quite work because of a triangular hole in the middle. I could see how this piece became a UFO. It was kind of mind boggling as to what to do next. My first thoughts were that I would slice the piece up. I had many visions of how I would proceed but for some reason I didn't really want to slice it up. I wanted to honor the vision of the original quilter. Finally I figured out what needed to happen. Hopefully the original quilter will like what I have done with the quilt." 


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