Untitled by Shelli Ricci and Katharina Litchman

Quilter in Distress: Shelli Ricci
Rescuer: Katharina Litchman

Untitled • 20" x 17"

Shelli: "This started as my idea of heaven but something went terribly south… way south! Let me explain. I took an improvisational piecing class about 10 years ago. The teacher challenged us to create an original design depicting our idea of heaven. Of course, there was a catch… we only had 30 minutes to complete the challenge.

When the teacher said go the room exploded in a flurry of hurry. Fabric was flying, shapes were free cut, and designs began to quickly take shape. Everywhere that is, except my table. I gave myself a little time to decide on an idea and then I took off. Heaven, I thought, must be bright, sunny, and filled with beautiful flowers. I made an interesting background and then free cut a nice big sun. Many beautiful flowers came to mind roses, orchids, hydrangeas, and then I thought about thistles. I must admit, I love thistles. I love the bright purple flower and the interesting shape of the bud. In heaven, I thought, even thistles would be beautiful! I cut several thistle shapes and quickly placed it on my background. Time was quickly up and we were ready to show the class what we made.  Every time I thought about finishing this project I got stuck…. Why can't heaven have beautiful thistles? Maybe it can!"

Katharina: "It was immediately apparent to me when I unwrapped the UFO that it was a turtle and that I had to make a sea world. I took a hand-dyed piece of fabric from my stash and cut out the turtle, fish, and jellyfish, as well as plants from the UFO and machine appilqued them on. I enhanced the piece with crystals, glitter, and machine quilting. The biggest challenge was the several layers of fusible on the UFO, and despite my peeling off some where I could, the heavy fusible glue gummed up my needle."


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