Untitled by Susan Treloar and Lauren Teubner

Quilter in Distress: Susan Treloar
Rescuer: Lauren Teubner

Untitled • 30" x 25"

Susan: "I've been working with these soft organic curves for quite some time. In this piece I tried using colors I'm not used to working with. I also wanted to try using the curved piecing as an insertion. The off-centered black with gold stripe has become the focus and the black diagonal has become the distraction. It needs something to pull it all together. I thought about adding another color sprinkled throughout the piece but got stumped as to the shape and color to add. Perhaps it needs to be cut again and rearranged."

Lauren: "My first ideas when I saw this UFO were flowers and leaves. Then I had two more ideas that didn't work. Then I came up with something I really love to do–add Angelina, beads, and yarn. Then I decided that wouldn't be the best idea either. I am taking a class with Jean Wells and I was thinking maybe I could do something inspired by her class. I do hope they like it; it was fun to do. I have never done machine free-motion sewing before. So I do need to work on that some more."


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