Van Goghs starry night

This is my interpretation of starry night into fabric. My nephew John had been looking for a Van gogh print for his new home and wasn't happy with anything he found so being the wonderful aunt I am I surprised him with ths wall hanging. John has very expensive taste so I was hoping he would like it.I was relieved to see he was happy with it as was his friends! During the process I found myself amazed with van gogh's brush strokes. I had been introduced to a brilliant artist who in the past I over looked. I am now finishing up my 3rd van Gogh quilt. I have never had any classes to learn techniques so I guess I am self taught. I painted the scene freehand to the best of my ability and then began to cover it with fabric.

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9 thoughts on “Van Goghs starry night

  1. This is one of my favorite pieces of Van Goghs! When I first went to work for the Museum of Modern Art in NYC in the 80’s I stood in front of it and cried, so much more beautiful it was in person than in all of the books and posters I had owned, WOW…  But this!  You did a fantastic job!  I love your work!


    Later, LI

  2. Wahooooooooooooooooo , you are a real artist.

    How in heavens name did you get the look of the brush strokes like that.

    I love i it is gorgeous.

    Vincent would love it too Lisa.

  3. OMG its beautiful. My husband has asked me to make a Stary night quilt as well.. So you painted this they how did you cover it with fabric. I am al little lost.