Vessel as Art

Project 2, the Vessel as Art from Oct/Nov 2012 issue 59 of Quilting Arts, by Julie Richardson.  This did take an afternoon, plus drying time.  Although I washed out too much stabilizer the first time and the bowl just flopped after I took it off its mold.  So I dissolved the scraps of stabilizer left over in a small bowl and then put the now flat project into the dissolved stabilizer, remolded and left to dry.  Stood up on its own.  I had also added a round of felt to the center to make an extra firm base when I had assembled the project.  About two hours of steady machine quilting to closely stitch everything together.  Would make a good gift and have lots of ideas on colors and forms etc. for future projects.  Next time will just spray with water to get the stabilizer tacky before molding.  Loved the addition of Angelina fibers, really add a sparkle that does not show up in the photo.

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