Vivien Zepf

My inner animal is a Golden Retriever. My thick and wavy blonde hair is one clue. I'm also a loyal friend, I can motivated by the promise of food, I love to be outdoors, and I can fall asleep at a moment's notice when I'm dog tired.

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10 thoughts on “Vivien Zepf

  1. And do you love to eat all the “rubbish” you find? I’m joking, but Jessica, my golden, uses to do that.

    Your work is wonderful, do you fuse the different fabrics?

  2. Thanks, Laura!   I did fuse different fabrics, then stitched over them like mad.  

    And yes, I will eat a lot of rubbish (cookies, candy, etc), but not anything I find out in the yard!  đź™‚



  3. Your Golden is beautiful. Lost mine to hip displaysia a few years ago. I love your work on this piece. You have totally captured this wonderful creature on fabric.