Wackadoodle Quilt Turning Tricks

I named this quilt Turning Tricks because I started with a old quilt block called Card Tricks and doubled it and turned it , it is a king sized handmade quilt and took just over a month from conception to finishing today, Once it started coming together I really didnt know if I would go to the trouble of finishing it or not , Taking pics of my quilts is always the hardest part but I think the feel of this one comes thru , at least I hope it does, Feedback comments on here from those that liked it really helped me to slog thru my indecsions on it and for that I really want to say thanks, It is a wackadoodle  because it is made from my stash out of those big ugly pieces of fabric no one knows what to do with , with a variation of a stack and whack I call wackadoodle because I pick and chose the spots I want to use even though some would call that waste of fabric the purpose was to use as much of those fabrics as possible so I could have room for more FABRIC yeah !!!!   I think the indecision of quilting it was because in someways it is so homey feeling and in someways it is disturbing , I finally figured out it is like a dysfunctional family it may be weird but when its your family it feels right anyway 🙂

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One thought on “Wackadoodle Quilt Turning Tricks

  1. Hee hee, I giggle at your description. That you did this from ugy pieces and bits out of your stash is impressive. Dynamic design, with lots of movement.