Walking home from the market

This quilt shows the silhouettes of three Masai women. These women have features commonly found in East Africa.  They have long stem necks and are often very tall, and they distinctly dark skin.

I find them very intriguing and also strikingly beautiful.  As an African woman myself, I love to  display  a little bit of Africa in all my quilts by the fabrics I use, making my quilts so unique and I love that.

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6 thoughts on “Walking home from the market

  1. I agree with Anne.. I love all African art and especially yours.. I hope to go to Africa one day.. I think this white, southern lady was once African in my other life…  ; )


    thank you for inviting me to be your friend, I forgot how to email our conversation , so I’m sending it under comments.  Would be nice to meet in person.   !