Wall Hanging of My mother and Grandmother

This little quilt is about 24 x 24, using old photos, scanned and altered using Photoshop elements.  Machine pieced on my Grandmother's 1945 singer then hand quilted and embelished.  (The butteryfly on the upper left of my mother was puchased, but the rest of the beading is mine)  The orange cat on the left is an eye glass case that she needlepointed for me when the wide sunglasses were popular.  The cartoon is a copy of one that my mother did.  She would often include small cartoons in her letters as to how her day was going.  The stictch gauge on the left is one of my mothers.  She loved all the needle arts.  The flimsy picture on the bottom right is my grandmother with her mother and 5 sisters.  There is even a "Wheel of Fortune" pin that I found in her jewelry box.  It was a wonderfully fun project that evolved on it's own.

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3 thoughts on “Wall Hanging of My mother and Grandmother

  1. How charming.   I have always said that the act of quilting can be as comforting as the quilt is to the one who wraps themselves up in a quilt made just for them.   This looks very special.

    thank you for sharing