Warty Pig

My son took the photograph of this Warty Pig when we visited the zoo. I just had to do something with him.

 I have been trying out a new method and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I played around with Warty Pigs image in photoshop, printed him, turned the paper image into paper fabric and then topped stitched. He is only 5 3/4 x 4 inches and I think he looks really happy.

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10 thoughts on “Warty Pig

  1. Very nice. He does look happy and I bet you are too with the great outcome. I was wondering if you used a rather thick paper for this project or did you use a stablizer to keep the stitch from tearing thru the paper? I love the texture of the background…it looks so good with your stitches. I’d say you have a new technique mastered! Nancy

  2. Hi – I borrowed parts of the tecnique from Jill Kennedy’s paper quilting in June/July issue of QA, leaving out the crayons paint etc, but printing the design instead. Thanks for all the great comments!