For the second year in a row, I entered a fiber arts piece in our Recycled Art Exhibit.  This year, I pulled mostly non-cotton fabrics from my stash… some of these fabrics have been in my stash for close to 20 years!  I tore strips of the fabric, then mounted them onto a crinkle cloth backing and free-motion quilted the top, leaving the lower portion of the strips free to waft in the breeze.  Then I added some ribbon and beads to the mix and attached loops of satin cord.  Meanwhile, I found a beautifully twisted piece of wood in the woodpile, coated it with polyurathane to seal it, and added eye hooks and wire to the back.  I mounted the 'waterfall' to the wood using  the satin cords, and added one last feature: a beaded and embroidered butterfly I created about 15-20 years ago that has been languishing in a drawer.   Just goes to show… sooner or later, you'll find a use for that stash!   

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4 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. I think it is absolutely lovely. It really comes across as a fantasized waterfall. I like the wood, too. I’m going to start looking through our woodpile for pieces to use.

  2. A fabulous waterfall – and an excellent idea for a piece of driftwood that we gave our aunt over 50 years ago! Thanks for the inspiration!