wholecloth Kaleidoscope

this page isn't getting much uploaded lately so thought I'd share this  top only pic of what I'm working on now . As far as I know at least it is the first wholecloth kaleidoscope quilt ever made, meaning the whole piece is a kaleidoscope all the way to the corners, It is about 7 ft by 9ft  ,Taking good pics of my quilts is harder than making them and this pic is a attempt at getting them to sparkle like they do in real life ,it is just a top right now so I put it up on a bar in front of my sink area and put a light behind it , If only I were as good with photoshopping as I am with a needle it would look better ,but all in all it does convey the sparkle I think it has in real life ,once it is quilted which will be a circle zigzag all by hand too it should have its pulse too,    

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2 thoughts on “wholecloth Kaleidoscope

  1. about half quilted now and I am thinking of putting more light in the corners , I heard about a artist that had a piece in the Louvre and took a brush in to fix one more thing 🙂  I think they threw him out the door . there are 16 slices on this quilt and 4 differant corner pieces to make it whole ,two sets ,if that will help you any Sue K , good luck 🙂