WIP Autumn’s Glory Days

This is a wip. Not a very good picture but shows the process I use, the lighting is bad which throws color and everything off. For the background I chose a midrange value. The trees will be brighter and I will add more contrast with threadwork. I like the sky fabric. It is one of my handdyes and the lightplay in it is what I was looking for. I have already shaded in some of the water with pigma pens. After these photos I changed the trees a bit. I have added small trees ( sumac in the middle foreground.) More foliage and contouring will be added with threadwork. This is really about autumn color. I use hundreds of small pieces, freehand cut, and am trying for a painted effect with cloth. I don't work from a photo so this is from autumns I have seen and remembered. Don't know how it will turn out but it is always an experience.

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