Wizard of OZ "Under the Rainbow"

Sampler quilt using fabrics from the first collection in the series from Quilting Treasures, "Under The Rainbow" sepia tones.

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2 thoughts on “Wizard of OZ "Under the Rainbow"

  1. This is the first fabric collection of 6 in a series from Quilting Treasures. Using the Red Shoes fabric with beige background inspired me to use the coordinating red and adding the Yellow Brick Road accents really brought it all together.

    The monkey wrench block in the center at the bottom represents the cyclone that takes Dorothy and Toto away, and the covered bridge block at center top represents showing the way to the Yellow Brick Road.

    My pics show one quilt from each collection plus one made with all four current group. The nex t  group The Witches Castle is coming out soon and I have them reserved. The last group of the series comes out next year titled There’s No Place Like Home.

    Thank you for your nice comment