Woven Sunshine

This is Woven Sunshine, a quilt top HOT off the design wall  36 x 45 inches.  I used Anna Faustino's woven quilt method for the backgrounjd, Phil Beaver sunflower heads pattern, the rest is my original design.  Tomorrow I begin the applique stitching…..you can follow along with my progress at my blog:  http://luannkessi.blogspot.com/

LuAnn in Oregon




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7 thoughts on “Woven Sunshine

  1. Hi Riverart…….definitely give this woven quilts technique a try.  Anna’s book is well written, good instructions with images to follow.  She makes it so easy.  It really is a lot of fun.  Caryl Bryer Fallert fabrics work perfect for the background.  I would suggest getting a piece of styrofoam insulation board from the Home Improvements store, very inexpensive.  You can pin your fabrics directly into the foam and it will hold your strips in place has you weave the background.

    Have Fun!

    LuAnn in Oregon


  2. I have a quilt Im working on now that has the same background effect but I did it the low tech way one piece at a time so Im eyeballing the book too 🙂 better late than never , is it using a iron on backing?? 

  3. Thanks for the tips.  I did look up Anna and discovered that I am familiar with much of her work.  I just never knew her name or that she had a book.  I’ve seen her work at the Paducha quilt show.  I like books that show techniques rather then patterns.  It’s on my list for the Knoxville AQS show in July.  Yikes! the list is getting long! 

  4. Yes, you fuse the entire back of both pieces of fabric before  you do any cutting.  Anna gives you lots of tips and hints along the way to make the technique as easy as possible.  My addition was to use the styrofoam insulation boards to build the quilt top on…pins push down nicely into the styrofoam and I was better able to manage the project and get good alignment during the weaving process.