We want to see your quilt art! Whether you create landscape quilts, art quilts, modern quilts, or mini quilts–if it’s creative quilting, show the world by uploading images to our gallery. Please note that by doing so, you are giving us permission to share the images on social media, though we will be certain to credit you when doing so.


Floating Green

  I have been trying to work on my free-motion skills so I used a dryer sheet that I painted for the center of the piece and then stitch flowing lines all across. It is hard for me to keep things simple.  I have to work on that too.


No, Not Anymore

This is a statement to empower women. In the white part there is subtle text about abuse to women, covered with the more powerful bold statements of No, Not Anymore


Grandma Sunni

We were challenged to create self portraits. I asked my grandson to draw a picture of me, and this is what he came up with. Flattering, I think. 


What if What's Important?

Poses the question, "What if What's Important is What's Not There". Meant to ask the viewer to search for an answer. Not many people get this, and not many people like it, buts its one of my favorites.