Quilting Arts TV Series 1900

qatv1900_coverHosted by Susan Brubaker Knapp, “Quilting Arts TV” features many top fiber artists sharing their artful approaches to surface design, hand stitching, thread painting, and more. We hope they will inspire you to make time for quilting every day.

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There is a preview and description of each episode below which lists the projects and instructors featured in the 1900 series of Quilting Arts TV. Quilting Arts TV Series 1900 is available as a DVD  or a video download in the Interweave store.

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Episode 1901: Fun with Feathers

Episode 1901 Description and Preview Feathers and quilting have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. Once the most elaborate hand-quilted element a quilter could add to a quilt, today’s quilters and artists take them to the next level. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Ana Buzzalino designs, draws and free-motion quilts feathers and fills with beautiful results. Susan…


Episode 1902: Working with Photos

Episode 1902 Description and Preview Artists of all media are inspired by photographs. Art quilters use photography in realistic and impressionistic ways. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Free-form collage artist Ellen Lindner shows how to be inspired by a photograph, not controlled by it in your artwork. Landscape quilt artist Ann Loveless uses basic design…


Episode 1903: Portraits

Episode 1903 Description and Preview Whether a self-portrait or a portrait of your favorite pet, this episode will get you dreaming of creating one. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Whimsical quilt artist Mary Lou Donahue-Weidman builds a happy self-portrait and shares her tips for making a work of personal expression. Susan Brubaker Knapp uses a…


Episode 1904: Transfer Techniques

Episode 1904 Description and Preview Use common tools to create fabulous images that can be transferred to fabric and used in your next art quilt. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Jane Dávila uses an orange oil-based solvent to transfer photos from paper to fabric. Ana Buzzalino edits photos with a slide show software program on…


Episode 1905: Bowls and Buses

Episode 1905 Description and Preview Fabric can be manipulated into so many shapes and projects. Enjoy the experimentation! Projects Featured in this Episode:  Heidi Lund fashions fabric bowls using lush batik fabrics and clever embellishment techniques. Quilt artist and vintage car enthusiast Teresa Shippy shows how she designed and selected fabrics to quilt a magical…


Episode 1906: Tell Me a Story

Episode 1906 Description and Preview Textile artists are no strangers to using their imaginations and their fabric stashes to create magic. In this episode, two artists share distinctly different methods and inspiration to make quilted artwork that tell stories. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Mary Lou Donahue-Weidman pieces free and easy blocks to build her…


Episode 1907: Plan and Design

Episode 1907 Description and Preview Explore art principles and design theory to create your next quilt, whether large or small. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Ann Loveless shares her technical and creative process for creating a 10-foot, multi-panel panorama quilt. Ann Loveless shares her technical and creative process for creating a 10-foot, multi-panel panorama quilt.…


Episode 1908: Appliqué Three Ways

Episode 1908 Description and Preview Whether by hand, machine, or fusing, appliqué always makes a statement in a quilt. This episode explores three ways to appliqué. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Ellen Lindner appliqués by machine using her double–reverse appliqué technique. Heidi Lund transfers, presses, and fuses raw-edge images to create an appliqué wall hanging.…


Episode 1909: Enhance the Surface

Episode 1909 Description and Preview Add interest to your next quilt with a variety of embellishment techniques. This episode explores unusual embellishments and metal leaf. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Mary Lou Donahue-Weidman embellishes quilts with beads, buttons, jewelry, and found objects. Ana Buzzalino adds glitter and sophisticated shine to her quilts using metal leaf.…


Episode 1910: Borders and Finishing

Episode 1910 Description and Preview There are many ways to finish a quilt, from borders, to binding and facing, and more. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Leni Levenson Wiener shows two techniques: how to finish quilts with stretcher bars and a rolled, stitched edge. Wendy Butler Berns pieces a colorful quilt border with her random…