Episode 1904: Transfer Techniques

Episode 1904 Description and Preview

Use common tools to create fabulous images that can be transferred to fabric and used in your next art quilt.

Projects Featured in this Episode: 


Jane Dávila uses an orange oil-based solvent to transfer photos from paper to fabric.


Ana Buzzalino edits photos with a slide show software program on her computer and transfers them to her quilts.


Kristine Lundblad shows how to pack a quilt for shipping.

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Quilting Arts TV Series 1900

4 thoughts on “Episode 1904: Transfer Techniques

  1. To transfer images in s19 ep 4 you need a citrus based solvent. Please tell me where to find this, the manufacturer name or any other way to purchase the project. And as always I love this show. Thank you for making such a fun diverse show

    1. Thanks for your message, we are so glad you enjoy the show. In this episode Jane uses Citra Solv(r), a natural cleaner and degreaser you can buy in the cleaning products section of most supermarkets and maybe even hardware stores.

  2. What application/software did you use to edit the picture? I keep seeing this technique on shows, but no one ever gives exact names. It sure would help us to get the info so we can get started with the method. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Shirley, and thank you for your note and interest in Ana Buzzalino’s photo editing technique on “Quilting Arts TV” Episode 1904. Ana uses PowerPoint to edit her photos (we cannot say brand names on air but I apologize for your frustration). Ana wrote an article about this technique that appeared in Quilting Arts Magazine (issue #81, June/July 2016) so if you have that issue in your library, check it out.
      Happy quilting!