Quilting Arts TV Series 2000

With this season, “Quilting Arts TV” celebrates 10 years of presenting artists from all over the world expressing their vision in cloth, fiber, paint, and stitch. This season, leading fiber artists share their inspiration for creativity, their artwork, and their methods. Whether you are inspired by clever piecing and sewing techniques, improvisational fusing, or cutting-edge surface design and machine quilting, there’s something for everyone on “Quilting Arts TV”!

There is a preview and description of each episode below which lists the projects and instructors featured. Quilting Arts TV Series 2000 is available as a DVD  or a video download in the Interweave store.

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Episode 2011: Cut It Out!

Episode 2011 Description and Preview Creative use of negative space adds impact to art and quilts. Some projects create negative space literally—by cutting out portions between stitching—while others employ crafty ways to use up and recycle random pieces into new work. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Quilter and maker of wearable art Jenny K. Lyon…

Episode 2012: Transformations with Paint

Episode 2012 Description and Preview Transform the simple surface with paint and other surface design techniques to create an inspiring canvas and then use this new material in an art quilt. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Fiber artist and painter Sherry Kleinman merges two loves to create an artistic wall hanging in vibrant, painted hues…

Episode 2013: Freedom to Stitch

Episode 2013 Description and Preview Use stitching to break free and celebrate artistic freedom. In this episode, guests use layered fabric and inspiration from many sources. Explore free-motion ‘bubbles’ in different shapes and sizes as fillers and features for your next quilted project. Projects Featured in this Episode:  Artist and quilter Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum finds…