Catch a Wave: Easy Quilt Patterns Perfect for Summer

The swelter of summer is in full swing and I’m finding myself wishing I lived closer to a beach. Unfortunately, hours at the swimming pool cannot compare to the salty air and the comforting sounds of waves crashing on the beach.

Since the heat has me inside more than I’d like, I’ve decided to create my own beach getaway by diving into a new quilting project–no sand required.

Here are a few of the easy quilt patterns I’ve been considering:




I’m loving the sophisticated simplicity of the Waves Quilt by Debbie Grifka. The colors she chose for her quilt are so calming and cool that I can’t resist them. This quilt is constructed easily by encircling each colored block of fabric with the white background fabric. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but each square of color ranges between 3-6″. That subtle variety creates a push and pull not unlike waves crashing on a beach. If you want to cool down with this simple quilt you can download the pattern instantly from the Interweave Store or take a peek inside the Summer 2014 edition of Modern Patchwork magazine.





You can’t talk about calming quilting without including the Shoreline Table Runner by Sharon Holland. The fabrics perfectly illustrate various colors on the beach with gray and light aquas of an overcast day to the bright turquoise of a sunny day.  Plus, this easy table runner pattern is perfect for beginners and experts alike because it works up easily by utilizing strip piecing. To recreate the Shoreline Table Runner as you see it pictured, order the quilt kit now available for a limited time at Craft of Quilting. Or if you want to customize it to suit your color preferences and home décor download the digital pattern.






If you love strip piecing and are interested in making a triangle quilt, the Ripple Quilt by Jess frost is just the project for you. Designed to mimic the ripple effect of water as a droplet hits the surface, the careful use of value along with simple piecing creates the desired effect. Even though the finished quilt is 96″ square, the large Half-Square Triangle blocks make this a manageable project and the range of prints means you can dip into your fabric scraps before you purchase your fabric. Download the digital pattern today to start making your own version of the ripple quilt.






Speaking of ripples, the Ripple Effect Quilt by Janice Zellar Ryan is a colorful quilt that’s perfect for beginners. This triangle quilt works up quickly using HSTs and 14″ finished blocks. Janice creates the effect of ripples by pairing different sized squares together using the Half-Square Triangle technique to sew them together. This gives her the ability to create triangles that descend in size with ease and accuracy. Download the Ripple Effect Quilt pattern to get started.





Want to make a bigger splash? Check out the Tidal Wave Quilt by Erin Burke Harris. She puts a modern spin on the traditional Ocean Wave pattern by placing small Half-Square Triangles in asymmetrical waves on a sea of dark blue. The bold blue softens the multicolored prints as they create movement across the quilt. Order your Tidal Wave Quilt kit from Craft of Quilting or get the pattern in the Spring 2015 issue of Modern Patchwork magazine.

I’m feeling more refreshed just by looking at all of these simple quilting patterns inspired by the ocean! Be sure to check out more quilting projects and patterns in the Interweave Store so you can escape the heat this summer.

Happy Quilting!

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P.S. How are you escaping the heat? Leave a comment below to share what you’re working on this summer.


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