Episode 1413-1: Julie Creus-Folded fabric card holder

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20 thoughts on “Episode 1413-1: Julie Creus-Folded fabric card holder

  1. The title of the post is “Episode 1413-1: Julie Creus-Folded fabric card holder.” It may be on page 2 of the project list so scroll down to to bottom to see if there is a “next” button to click. When you get to the post, click on the download button and that will lead you to a downloadable PDF of Julie’s instructions. If you are not a member of the quiltingdaily.com community, you will need to sign up to obtain the download.  It’s free to sign up!


  2. I made this but found heat and bond caused sticking to my needle when I top stitch.  I would like to know when to use double sided fusible stiff  interfacing.  I made a second one using fusible fleece.  It seemed to have more body.  I was hoping for a video.  thanks

  3. Where is the template?  Nothing but the run around when you ask straight up, There is NO next button. Why make it so hard to find this template?

    Where are the hyper links , direct link to what you ask for instead of the run around.

    Two hours of my day off waisted, trying to figure out this web suite.



  4. I had no trouble finding the template once I registered Quliting  Daily.  When I clicked to confirm my e-mal address, I was taken to the .pdf with the directions.  The template is on the last page.

    I look forward to making this with fabric from my leftover scraps!

  5. Is there any reason I couldn’t put the gift tag fabric square (and turning slit) on the outer fabric, so the gift tag could be seen without opening the gift box?