Episode 1607-2: Tammie Bowser–Instructions for Photo Quilt

Learn how Tammie Bowser makes fusible appliqué “Jazz Quilts” from family photos and try your hand at making her Gerber Daisy; available as a free download to members of the Quilting Daily community. Click the “download now” button.

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Kristine Lundblad

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

9 thoughts on “Episode 1607-2: Tammie Bowser–Instructions for Photo Quilt

  1. Hi! Loved watching this show! Thought there was supposed to be a pattern with the download? Really wanted to try Tammie’s way of doing these and loved the daisy quilt she made.

        1. Did something happen to the pattern? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and couldn’t find it. I would really enjoy trying Tammie’s technique. It looks like a lot of fun and the results are beautiful.

          1. Hello mahockeymom,
            I apologize–I did not upload the proper PDF when I tried to fix this problem recently. I have reloaded the attachment so if you click “download now” you will get a 15-page document that includes Tammie’s tips and a full-size tiled pattern for the Gerber Daisy!
            Thank you for your patience. Please enjoy!

  2. I’ve downloaded the instructions for this project several times. I get everything except the daisy. I’ve read the above comments so I tried again….no daisy! Help! I love this project…

    1. Hello cabeane,
      Pages 4-15 of the download contain the pattern for the daisy. It is in a grid format using six fabrics, each represented on the grid by a number, 1-6. Page 3 has yardage information, depending on how large you wish each square of fabric to be. Tip: After assembling the grid (you’ll have to trim and tape the pages together) choose six colored pencils–one for each number in the grid–and color it in. This may help you see the pattern better.