Quilting Arts TV Episode 1202–Quilting Around the House

Art quilts are not just for hanging on the wall. Contemporary quilting can be found all around the house. We begin with guest artist Sue Bleiweiss as she adds a touch of whimsy to your table with a house-themed table runner. Then, meet Cheryl Sleboda and a scrap buster project. Since quilters can make a cover for just about anything-why not an artful air freshener cozy? Last is designer Debbie Grifka with a quick project making contemporary coasters.

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Sue Bleiweiss prepares her materials for taping an episode of “Quilting Arts TV.”






















Cheryl Sleboda, right, discusses her episode with Pokey Bolton and the production staff.















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Debbie Grifka’s Quick & Easy Coasters.

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  1. You have to join by putting your email, name & create a password to be able to see the patterns & instructions. When you input your information, it will send you an email. Click on the link to reconnect you on the show website. Click on whatever you wanted to download & it will pull up the instructions & patterns needed for you to print.

    1. No that did not work and if Quilting Arts is going to say that we can get the pattern on their website…..they need to say you have to buy the book to get the pattern….this is false advertising QUILTING ARTS

      1. Hi debmoo,

        In her tutorial GennyNorman didn’t mention going to the project pages to download the patterns. For Series 1200 all projects are found here.

        If you are having trouble downloading a free project sometimes it is an error with the browser. It can be helpful to clear your browsing history or switch browsers before trying to download a project a second or third time. If that still doesn’t work, I’d be happy to email the free project PDFs you’re looking for to the email associated with your Quilting Daily account. Please reply to this comment with the episode number and project name if you’d like the projects to be emailed to you.