Quilting Arts TV Episode 1208–Mixed Media

Contemporary quilting is hard to define-it’s as varied as the artist and her choice of medium. First, Judy Coates Perez shows a stitched metal project painted with alcohol-based inks. Then, Heather Jones shares a totally different project as chunky hand stitching takes center stage on her pillow. Finally, Debbie Grifka demonstrates her style for functional quilting. Help your sunglasses survive the summer with a protective cover.

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Examples of Judy Coates Perez’ stitched metal work.  














Heather Jones prepares for her episode of “Quilting Arts TV.”
















This sunglasses case is by Debbie Grifka.

















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2 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1208–Mixed Media

  1. vswahl, I couldn’t figure out where the project instructions were either, so I googled it.

    This URL takes you to “Quilting Arts TV Patterns, Projects, & Tips”. There are lots of goodies there.

    Then I backtracked to “Media” (neither “Quilting Arts TV Patterns, Projects, & Tips” or “Media” had tabs anywhere that I could see) and it had all kinds of interesting downloads of projects and patterns.


    I hope you come back to the Comments and see my reply. And I wish that someone at Interweave had seen and answered your question. 🙁