Quilting Arts TV Episode 1209–Functional Quilting

We all love to quilt, but not every piece belongs on the wall. It’s fun to include quilting in the items we use every day. Debbie Grifka starts out with a zippered carryall pouch with piping–perfect for carrying makeup. Then, see what Iliana McGrath does with die cut fabric in a segment taped on location. Decorate your baby’s room with a total ensemble created in a very short time. Last is Linda McLaughlin with an exercise in daily hand stitching. Learn why she has this routine and how she sets herself up to succeed.

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These zippered carry-all pouches by Debbie Grifka are functional and beautiful.
















Iliana McGrath offers tips for decorating a nursery.


















Linda McLaughlin shares her tips for starting your own daily hand stitching project.






















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