Quilting Arts TV Episode 1308–Quilting Simplified

Today’s show features some simplified versions for common quilt techniques. First, Vivika DeNegre demonstrates a nine patch rearranged quilt for a modern spin on this common block. Then, Julia Wood introduces an unconventional hexagon technique that doesn’t require paper piecing. Last, Carolyn Friedlander has a raw edge appliqué project using bobbin work.

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Vivika Hansen DeNegre (left, with Pokey Bolton) demonstrates a fun
technique that takes the nine patch to a new level.












This quilt by Julia Wood features a unique way to make hexagons–she’ll
show you how!












Carolyn Friedlander uses bobbin work to great effect in
this mini bird applique quilt.



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16 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1308–Quilting Simplified

  1. Love this episode 1308. Belong to a quilt for charities club. would like patterns and pictures to show the group. The hexagon would be perfect for the hand quilters and the 9 patch for the machine quilters. Could you help me get them?

  2. I like that you can download each project, but I really need pictures or diagrams on the guide sheet. I’m such a visual learner sometimes just telling me doesn’t make sense,I have to see it. If the project guide linked back to the video that would have been very helpful.

  3. Can you please post the video showing the hand-sewing technique for the hexagons. The instructions are not easy to follow. Thanks. Please reply with directions to access that portion of the show.

  4. I just watched the show, very carefully, because I love hexies. right after the show I downloaded the pdf file. The pdf is missing a few or more steps. Step 5 doesn’t tell you to fold the fabric and to do it as you move around the circle. A diagram would certainly help if you can watch a tutorial.

  5. I recently saw the segment of the hexagon quilt by Julia Woods, 1308-2 series. How can I get the pattern and instructions without purchasing the whole series? I would like to make it. Thank you!

    1. Hello Jan,
      The projects for “Quilting Arts TV” Series 1300 are available as free downloads to members of the Quilting Daily community. (All of the projects we have from Series 100-1400 are available as free downloads–no purchase required.) You can find Julia’s hexagon directions here: http://www.quiltingdaily.com/quilting-arts-tv-extras/episode-1308-2-julia-wood-unconventional-hexagons — copy/paste this into your browser. If you are not a member of the Quilting Daily community, sign up is fast and free. Happy quilting!