Quilting Arts TV Episode 1501–Tradition with a Twist

In this episode of “Quilting Arts TV,” Sue Spargo connects dyers and spinners of yesteryear with today’s fiber artists as she creates a pincushion from hand-dyed wool and Leslie Tucker Jenison pieces a quilt with giant hexagons using cutting and sewing innovations.

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Sue Spargo demonstrates creating this beautiful hand-dyed wool pincushion.


Leslie Tucker Jenison shows her technique with hexagons.


QATV Series 1500 is now available!

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QATV Series 1500

8 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1501–Tradition with a Twist

  1. For all of us who have been searching for Sue’s pattern that was supposed to be on the website, I found where it is located. Apparently now we will need to purchase the e-book for this series to get any of the project patterns and instructions shown in the episodes. Of course, all of these used to be available on the website at NO charge. Disappointing to see QA changing in this way…

  2. Does anyone ever answer questions? I sent a question regarding watching #1501 Leslie Jennison & Sue Spargo but have never received an answer. I see by posts below that we have to pay for the episodes, is that correct?? Thank you.

  3. Wow, went to find some projects information shown on your show and now I have to pay for them. I am so disappointed. I, also see that you donot care to answer anyone on this subject.

  4. Reading everyone else questions and comments answered my “where is the free download”. Everyone wants money for every little thing. Not cool. At least remove the comment “free download” from the show. I spent way too much of my time looking for it.