Quilting Arts TV Episode 1509–Fast and Fun Gifts

In this episode of “Quilting Arts TV,” Pearl Krush makes a charming owl quilt, Julie Creus shows how to create a personalized fob to keep track of your favorite scissors, and Kristine Lundblad makes a quick and reusable grocery tote.

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Find the eBook of project instructions for Series 1500 here.



Pearl Krush’s owl quilt


Scissors fob by Julie Creus


Easy grocery tote by Kristine Lundblad


QATV Series 1500 is now available!

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QATV Series 1500

26 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1509–Fast and Fun Gifts

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one having difficulty in finding the patterns and instructions. Where do you go to get them??
    Hello is anybody out there?? Please help??

  2. As the others have commented- where are the directions /patterns for this episode? And when I tried the “contact us” I couldn’t connect. Please help.

  3. It appears you need to purchase the e-book to get the patterns mentioned in the episode. Can that be right? They way she talked on the episode it made it sound like the patterns were readily available on the website.

  4. I concur with the others’ comments re: unable to find the patterns / instructions. If the entity(-ies) are now opting to charge for the patterns and instructions, it should not be implied in the TV program that they are still available on the website at no charge. “Available for purchase” on the website or words to that effect would be better.

  5. I thought the patterns were free from the way the ladies on the show were talking.
    I love the show, but do not like false advertising. I am not able to pay for patterns, so I guess this place is useless to me. I hope someone from the show actually reads these posts.

  6. I have been looking all over for the patterns from episode 1509 with no luck. Again, the instructions were to be on line and now they aren’t there. What is going on? I might give up on this show again……

  7. Is there a law against false advertising????? I am surprised you don’t furnish at least a downloadable pattern from your shows!!! You could charge a minimal charge for us, for JUST THE PART of the show we need. I already know how to make a market bag etc. I am HIGHLY disappointed in this website. I have belonged to INTERWEAVE for many years in altered arts areas and many year subscriptions. I will be darned if I will pay $14.99 for ONE pattern!! I am discontinuing my email preferences for this site!!

  8. I have been looking for the grocery bag pattern and it’s nowhere to be found. I watched the program and they said the pattern and direction s would be on your site, where are they?

  9. I’m loving this program…..it is a steal to get all the patterns and instructions for the projects at the asking price……it takes big dollars to put these programs together…….such a kindness to us sewers!! I just saw this episode today, and checked for the pattern, and it is on SALE for half price! Thank you Quilting Arts!!!! I <3 U!!

  10. i have stopped watching your show because episode 1509 you said the instructions and pattern for the grocery tote would be online and it has yet to be and it aired about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

  11. i have stopped watching your show because episode 1509 you said the instructions and pattern for the grocery tote would be online and it has yet to be and it aired about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

    1. Hi Sheepie60,

      For Series 1500, we put all the patterns and directions in one eBook for viewers to download, if they chose. As of Series 1500, we also moved to a policy of charging for this content, due to rising costs of producing the series. You’ll find that downloadable eBook here: http://www.interweavestore.com/modern-and-creative-quilting-projects-and-how-tos-from-quilting-arts-tv-series-1500

      After getting feedback from our viewers, we revised the policy for Series 1600 and going forward. Some of the simpler content (tips, one-page templates, etc.) is available free on this website. Full directions and more complicated patterns may be downloaded individually, as desired, for a fee.

      1. So what you are saying is that everyone that would like the simple measurements for the market bag must either buy the whole season or they are out of luck, is that correct? But in season 1600, simple measurements will be available for free. I know when I am being fed a line and you certainly are doing that, I was not the only one to feel that directions available on website, means just that. I’m sure costs have gone up, but you have many sponsors that quilters and sewers use everyday. Shame on you.

  12. Whatever happened to you giving us free instructions? I think that is a really bad policy as I’m
    sure you will be getting a lot of us stop watching your programs. I can’t believe it cost you that
    much to offer free instructions for Series 1500. I’m really disappointed in your policy.

    1. Dear flurrybird,
      Thank you for your comment. Most of the projects for Quilting Arts TV are free–up to Series 1400–after which we compiled projects into curated collections and offered them for a fee.
      I’m sure you will understand that it takes a great deal to create excellent content, and our employees need to be paid for their work.
      We have heard our customers’ feedback, however, and plan to offer individual projects for free again starting with Series 2000, out in July 2017.