Episode 1602 Preview Quilting Arts TV Series 1600

How to Make a Quilt with Intentional Slow Stitching: Learn to quilt with intention, purpose, and meaning in this episode of Quilting Arts TV. First, artist Lynn Krawczyk explores how adding color, texture, and design to a hand-stitched wool felt quilt sampler creates a unique and contemporary art quilt. Next, learn how Mark Lipinski was inspired by the philosophy of Carl Honore to start The Slow Stitching Movement. Both segments focus on being attentive and present in the moment during quilt making.

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QATV Series 1600
Kristine Lundblad

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Kristine is Associate Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, Modern Patchwork, QuiltCon magazine, International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene, Modern Patchwork Holiday and Quilting Arts TV.

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  1. I’m very unhappy that I can no longer download instructions from the Quilting Arts program, rather I must buy a book that includes the instructions.