Episode 1706 Preview Quilting Arts TV Series 1700

Join host Susan Brubaker Knapp and guests for this episode, Curves and Cuts. Frieda Anderson shows how to use freezer paper and glue to achieve perfectly curved leaves. Also in this episode, Lisa Chin explores the latest technology to create custom-cut stencils using a computer and electronic cutter.

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QATV Series 1700

2 thoughts on “Episode 1706 Preview Quilting Arts TV Series 1700

  1. What kind of electric stencil cutting machine is use in episode 1706 and the software use too. Can you tell me. It would of been a life saver if I had known this sooner. However, knowing might be helpful for the future. Send email if you will thanks.

    1. Hello DeJ,
      Lisa Chin, the presenter in segment 1706 of “Quilting Arts TV” Series 1700, uses a Silhouette Electronic Cutter and Software, a Silhouette cutting mat, and plastic stencil material such as transparency plastic, Dura-Lar™, or stencil plastic to create her stencils. Happy quilting!