Quilting Arts TV Episode 905: Quilting For All Seasons

Quilting for all seasons is featured on today’s show. First, Judy Coates Perez has a lesson on choosing motifs for your quilting projects with her feature project of a tree skirt for winter. Then Pokey shares a lesson on sun printing to make colorful, one-of-a-kind fabrics. Last is Pat Sloan on location in Cincinnati, where she demonstrates making a fabric bracelet from scraps.

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Tree skirt by Judy Coates Perez

Sun printing

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6 thoughts on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 905: Quilting For All Seasons

  1. Okay, I went to Dharma Trading Company and there must be a dozen choices. I would really like to know exactly what dyes, company, type and where to buy such. This is the first time I have watched this program for the first time today and I cannot believe that there isn’t a list of the products used. The is the first time I could not find a list online.

  2. i am looking for the product info as others are why can’t you make it easier to get info you refer to on your tv program very dissapointing was looking for the kind of ink dye to use pokey said to call up this on the computer