Quick Collaged Backgrounds as seen on Quilting Arts TV Episode 409

Project 409-3

Materials List:

• Fabric scraps, any size
• Batting or piece of felt (9″ x 12″ piece of black craft felt used in segment)
• 505 Temporary Adhesive by JT Trading
• Sewing machine with free-motion capabilities


  1. Spray your felt all over with the 505 temporary adhesive.
  2. Cover the felt with your scraps of fabrics. You can use any kinds of fabrics: cottons, satins, laces, cheesecloth, etc. Rearrange to create a collaged background you are happy with.
  3. Spray the backs of the fabrics as needed to temporarily secure them to the felt or batting.
  4. Bring to your sewing machine and free-motion stitch all over to adhere the fabrics permanently in place.

For full directions on making the Puffy Hearts by Belinda Spiwak, refer to the PDF file download above:


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