How to Machine Quilt a Cross Hatch Design

ellis-cross-hatchDo you machine quilt your own quilts? Or do you take send them out to be quilted? Each option has its merits and there is no right or wrong choice.

I tend to make small quilting projects, most often baby quilts or lap quilts, so I usually quilt them myself. However, I have the notion to create a larger queen size quilt later this year that I will most likely send out to a longarm quilter.

To improve my own machine quilting technique I’ve been previewing Amy Ellis’ new online course Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine and I’m quite taken with her easy cross hatch quilting method. Here is a sneak peek at how she does it:


1. Begin by choosing an angle for your lines and the distance you’d like between each line. In this example, Amy’s quilted lines are at a 60 degree angle and they are two inches apart.

2. Use one ruler to mark the angle you desire and a second ruler to mark the distance from the corner of your quilt. Apply a strip of tape to your quilt top; this will act as your guide line. the corner of your quilt.


3. Begin your quilting by sewing along the edge of your tape.


4. Adjust the guide bar next to your walking foot to the distance you’d like between your lines of quilting using a ruler. The guide bar will travel along each line of quilting as you progress across the quilt with your quilted lines.


5. Once you are done quilting in one direction, repeat steps 1-4 from the opposite corner of the quilt to create your cross hatch.

According to Amy this cross hatch design is one of the best ways to quickly and comfortably quilt. Plus, you can modify the design simply by changing the angle and distance between your quilted lines.

Whether you’ve done lots of quilting or just a little, learn more about quilting on your domestic sewing machine from Amy when you register for her course. For a limited time you’ll also receive a free copy of the 502 New Quilting Motifs: Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting eBook. Don’t wait; sign up for your seat in Finishing Your Quilt on a Home Sewing Machine today to learn machine quilting from Amy Ellis.

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