Quilting Arts TV Episode 1101: Exploring Modern Quilting

On QA TV we’ve always taken a contemporary approach to quilting. But did you know there is an entire movement known as modern quilting? It’s a new aesthetic with clean lines and a graphic style all its own. On today’s show we’ll be exploring a few ways to incorporate this look. First up is Elizabeth Hartman with some unique quilt sandwiches  and tips for quilt block math. Then meet Heather Jones with a lesson on thread choices for modern quilting. We finish up with Frieda Anderson and a multitude of tips like constructing on the point, color wheel theory, machine quilting, basting, and tools like painters tape and chalk – all on a sofa quilt.

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Around The World quilt by Heather Jones



Frieda Anderson, right, explains her sofa quilt mock-up to Pokey Bolton
and the production staff at the taping of “Quilting Arts TV.” The full-size
quilt is on the bottom left corner of the table.

Elizabeth Hartman, right, and Pokey Bolton on the “Quilting Arts TV” set.














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Modern Quilting, QATV Series 1100

One thought on “Quilting Arts TV Episode 1101: Exploring Modern Quilting

  1. In episode 1101 a bird house came across in the video. where would I find the pattern for it? I would like to make a quilt using that pattern.