Quilting For Beginners: 5 Easy Quilt Patterns plus Lessons on How to Quilt For Beginners

Has something kept you from starting your first quilt project? Maybe you aren't sure where to begin, or perhaps, the endless materials and techniques seem overwhelming. Whatever the reason, there is only one solution—to just begin.

Both contemporary and traditional quilting start as an expression of your individuality. You can create quilts that draw upon any number of patterns and techniques, but the end result is something uniquely yours. In this eBook on how to make a quilt for beginners, we introduce all the basic concepts you need to get started quilting. Begin with "Art Quilting Made Easy," a wonderfully inspiring and informative article on creating art quilts. Next, practice your free-motion quilting with a selection of the best motifs for beginner and intermediate quilters. Ready to tackle you first project? You are in luck! Along with the pages and pages of tips and instructions for getting started, we've included a variety of easy quilts for you to choose from. From a small felted quilt, to a quick & easy silhouette design, there is sure to be an easy quilt pattern that sparks your creativity. With a little expert guidance and this free eBook, you will be on your way to quilting in no time. Download your free basic quilting lessons and get started today.

Discover 5 easy quilt patterns plus lessons on quilting for beginners!

Discover how easy beginning quilting can be with this collection of expert tips and easy quilt patterns,
free to download today!

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Try one or all five of these easy quilting techniques, from making motifs to easy quilts.

We all remember starting out, the triumphs and trials of our first attempts, but with a little guidance and helpful tips, beginning quilting doesn't have to be difficult. The experts at Quilting Daily put together this collection of quilting how-to and easy quilts to help inspire beginners to start quilting and try different techniques. Lesley Riley's "Art Quilting Made Easy" tutorial shows how with a few tools, a little fabric, and a desire to play, you can create a small art quilt of your own design. Do you love the look of motifs? This next article will teach you a fun doodling technique to help you become comfortable working with motifs before stitching on fabric. Branch out with a fun bird mini quilt series, the perfect place to enhance your composition skills while you learn how to make a simple quilt. The silhouette quilt designs in Maria Elkin's "Quick and Easy Silhouette Quilts" article makes for fun and colorful quilts that beginners and experienced quilters alike are sure to enjoy. Or, work up easy quilts using sweaters and other discarded items of clothing with Morna Crites-Moore's pattern for "Small Felted Wool Quilts." Whether you want to learn how to quilt or are looking to gain skills, this eBook is the perfect place for easy quilts and quilting how-to!

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Quilting For Beginners: 5 Easy Quilt Patterns plus Lessons on How to Quilt For Beginners

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Each easy quilt pattern and article is perfect for helping beginners get started and to build foundation skills.

Learn to Quilt Project 1: Branch & Bird Mini Quilt Series

Easy Quilting Pattern

"Branch & Bird Mini Quilt Series" by Candy Glendening

Many quilters love taking small units and joining them together into larger compositions. But often, deciding which arrangement works best can be overwhelming, especially if you just beginning quilting. That is why Candy Glendening decided to create this series of mini quilts depicting a whole flock of birds sitting on branches. Making these small, easy quilts allows the focus to stay on the composition of each individual piece. After exploring these mini quilts, you will have learned simple construction, seen valuable tips on composition, and practiced free-motion stitching.

Learn to Quilt Project 2: Small Felted Wool Quilts

Easy Quilting Pattern

"Small Felted Wool Quilts" by Morna Crites-Moore

There is something about felted wool, whether from old sweater or other discarded fabrics, that spoke to Morna's imagination. Could it be that the garments carry the stories of where they have been? She isn't sure, but what she does know is once felted items fall into her hands they beg to be repurposed. In this article, she shares the meditative process of making small, easy quilts using felted wool pieces. These make for an easy quilt pattern to start with because you use small scraps to make up a patchwork design, and then sew it by hand. It's the perfect fun and low-stress way to learn to quilt.

Learn to Quilt Project 3: Art Quilting Made Easy

Learn to Quilt Art Quilts

"Art Quilting Made Easy" by Lesley Riley

Has something held you back from making an art quilt? Maybe it's the word "art" that has stopped you. Perhaps the endless products and embellishments seem overwhelming. Whatever the reason, making art quilts can be simple if you know where to begin. In this article, Lesley demonstrates how you can simply and easily create a small art quilt of your very own. Along with tips on how to begin, you'll discover two easy quilt patterns and direction to help to personalize them to your liking.

Learn to Quilt Project 4: Quick and Easy Silhouette Quilts

Easy Quilting Pattern

"Quick and Easy Silhouette Quilts" By Maria Elkins

Maria has always been drawn to portraiture. Silhouettes in particular inspired her to design these quick and easy quilts using a simple, easy to follow method. She begins by sharing how to set up photos of your subjects, then walks you step by step through editing them using photo software. After creating your silhouette patterns, she discusses fabric selections and how to actually begin creating the easy quilts. You'll be ready to show off your finished piece in no time with the help of her quilting how-to.

Learn to Quilt Project 5: Stitch This

Learn to Quilt Motifs

"Stitch This: Free-motion Quilting Motifs to Try" By Heather Thomas

Being a life-long doodler is one thing that makes machine quilting so fun for Heather. Whether relaxing or socializing, she always has a sketchbook in hand. This love of doodling has led her to new and expanded designs that she's been able to interpret into freestyle machine quilting. Knowing that if a design can be drawn using a continuous line, it can be quilted without having to knot off. In this article, she invites quilters of all levels to pick up your pencil, start doodling, and discover the designs waiting to be released.

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5 Easy Quilt Patterns plus Lessons on How to Quilt For Beginners

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Learn to quilt motifs, make easy art quilts, and more with this free eBook on how to quilt for beginners.

What are you waiting for? Download your free easy quilt patterns and basic quilting articles to get started quilting today!

Learn how to make a simple quilt and get easy quilting lessons to help
even the most beginner quilter get started. Download your free eBook
from Quilting Daily today!

Quilting For Beginners: 5 Easy Quilt Patterns plus Lessons on How to Quilt For Beginners

  Yes, I want my free collection of easy quilt patterns plus lessons on how to quilt for beginners!

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