What are the best sewing techniques for quilters? These 5 free articles on how to sew a quilt will show you!

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Contemporary art quilters may break the rules when it comes to design and construction, but basic sewing techniques are still important when it comes to sewing your quilt. That's why Quilting Daily has put together this collection of tutorials.

Today, many quilters want to learn traditional piecing and sewing techniques to create modern-style quilts. To help you along we've included paper piecing quilt patterns as well as a design inspired by traditional foundation piecing. You'll learn how to sketch your quilting design, choose the right thread and needle, and plan your quilting stitches. Plus, learn how to sew a quilt using the satin stitch as a binding, a design element, and to join quilt blocks. On top of all that we've also included a sewing guide and a glossary of terms.

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5 Free Articles on How to Sew a Quilt Including a Sewing Tutorial on English Paper Piecing

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Brush up on your sewing basics or learn a new technique including how to make paper piecing quilt patterns.

Sewing Techniques Article: Sewing Basics: A quick reference guide to basic tools, techniques, and terms

Tutorial #1

Sewing Basics: A quick reference guide to basic tools, techniques, and terms from the editors of Modern Patchwork

If you've ever wondered about stitches like topstitching and edgestiching, puzzled over mitered-corner binding, or just wish you had a handy reference guide for basic techniques and terms, this article is for you! It's like having a sewing primer by your side. With a glossary of sewing terms, diagrams of hand stitches, and several binding techniques all included.

Sewing Techniques Article: How to Quilt Your Quilt

Tutorial #2

How to Quilt Your Quilt by Ana Buzzalino

To Ana Buzzalino, the actual quilting is the most fulfilling part of making a quilt. Once the top is finished, pressed, and layered, the fun starts. She usually starts to design the quilting stitches in the early stages, as she starts to piece. Because she dislikes taking out stitches, she makes a lot of decisions before she even threads a needle. Learn Anna's tips for how to sew a quilt with this tutorial!

Sewing Techniques Article: The Versatile Satin Stitch

Tutorial #3

The Versatile Satin Stitch by Kathy York

Satin stitching can play a unique supporting role in the making of art quilts. Kathy has used it for finishing the edges of a quilt, joining quilted blocks, free-motion quilting, and creating shapes and defining lines. One of the best aspects of this versatile quilting stitch is that it doesn't have to be perfect to look fabulous! You'll learn it all as you follow along this detailed tutorial.

Sewing Techniques Article: Linen Coin Purse with Hexagons

Tutorial #4

Linen Coin Purse with Hexagons by Jen Eskridge

This coin purse, made from scrap fabrics, showcases hexagons made with traditional English paper piecing patterns while still maintaining a modern, hip edge. Jen's sewing tutorial allows you to practice this sewing technique without having to commit to an entire quilt.

Sewing Techniques Article: Spiderweb Quilt

Tutorial #5

Spiderweb Quilt by Elizabeth Dackson

String quilts, while currently quite popular amongst modern quilters, began as utility quilts as early as the mid 1800s. String quilts were usually with foundation piecing on either muslin or paper; quilters commonly used newspaper for the foundation and whatever fabrics were available for the strings. Although the quilt design looks complex, when you see how the pattern breaks down, it all becomes clear!

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With this free eBook you'll learn all sorts of helpful techniques from our quilting experts. Jen Eskridge combines traditional English paper piecing patterns with a modern design to create a darling hexagon coin purse. Elizabeth Dackson bases her Spiderweb Quilt design on traditional quilting techniques like paper piecing and foundation piecing. Ana Buzzalino explores quilting possibilities, from doodling a design to choosing your quilting stitches. Kathy York shows how, of all the sewing machine stitches available, perhaps the most versatile quilting stitch is the satin stitch. If the term "square up" a quilt has you puzzled, or you're not sure what "clipping corners" means, you'll be grateful for our Sewing Basics guide. It includes a list of sewing essentials, a glossary of terms and techniques, and a stitch glossary. It's all free in this exclusive download!

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Discover all sorts of sewing machine and quilting stitches, including satin stitch, free.

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5 Free Articles on How to Sew a Quilt Including a Sewing Tutorial on English Paper Piecing

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