Applique quilts and applique quilting can take many forms, using a variety of sewing and quilting techniques including machine applique, raw-edge applique, hand applique and fused applique. There’s no reason not to learn how to applique!


6 Reasons to Learn How to Appliqué

Trying a new technique can be difficult. It’s easy to feel flustered by a process while you’re trying to get the hang of things. Or when your projects aren’t turning out the way you’d hoped. The good news is that after some fumbling, you can become fluent in a new technique. With practice, a style…


The Raw-Edge Machine Appliqué Technique Every Quilter Should Know

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t resist appliqué quilts–whether it’s needle-turn, raw-edge, or reverse appliqué. I’ve dabbled in hand and machine appliqué over the years with varying rates of success which makes me all the more impressed when it’s done well. Since I’ve yet to master the varying appliqué techniques, I’m always…


Add Appliqué to Your Technique Toolbox

If you’re interested in learning how to appliqué quilts, what are you waiting for? There are so many ways to learn this timeless technique—you can read a book, watch a video, or even take a class. If reading is your preferred method of learning, the Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop is just the book for you. Kevin…


Make Your Own Bias Appliqué Strips—It’s Easy!

Have you ever made your own bias appliqué strips? Even though bias tape is widely available in a rainbow of colors, making your bias strips is easy and it gives you absolute control–from finished width to fabric selection. In her new book Lines by Design Quilts, Debbie Grifka shares her technique for making the bias strips…


Free window templates: Piecemeal Applique by Susan Purney Mark

In the October/November 2015 issue, Susan Purney Mark transformed scraps and leftovers into successful artwork with her Piecemeal Applique technique.Click below to download a PDF of three full-size window templates to make your own version of Susan’s Piecemeal Applique.Purney_Mark_Piecemeal_Applique_Window_Template_QA77 Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

shay butterfly art quilt

Your Art Quilts Will Bloom and Flutter with this Easy Applique Technique

According to a friend of mine, New England has seen a preponderance of hummingbirds this summer. I’ve also read that Monarch butterflies–whose population had been diminishing–are on the rise again. This makes me happy. I don’t think there are many more beautiful sights than these winged creatures flitting about the garden. Birds, especially, are a…


How to Applique: Six Ways to Choose From

What does the terms “sewing appliques” mean to you? Do you think of hand applique? Machine applique? The applique stitch? An example of raw-edge applique by Jane LaFazio. There are many types of applique, from the traditional by-hand techniques to the fused or raw-edge applique methods preferred by contemporary quilt artists. Each one can be…


Learn How to Applique with Our Free Tutorial eBook

Do you know how to appliqué? Many people are only familiar with hand appliqué, but there are many methods, from raw-edge appliqué to machine appliqué using a satin stitch. In How to Applique: 4 Free Appliqué Patterns and Quilt Techniques, you’ll learn how to appliqué quilt and sewing projects from four seasoned art quilters. Fused-appliqué hexagons add a…


How to Applique in Reverse

In my travels to quilt shows, exhibits, and "Quilting Arts TV" tapings, as well as virtual traveling via social media, I'm seeing a big return to some of the traditional sewing crafts like smocking, tucking, and hand appliqué. I don't know whether it's the ‘70s fashion revival (like wearing smocked and embroidered peasant blouses and…