Fabric embellishment is a hallmark of art quilting and fiber collage. You’ll find how-tos and ideas for fine embellishment techniques using beads, embroidery, found objects, foil, and more.


Embellished Quilts: How to Attach Heavy Objects

Have you ever made embellished quilts? From hand stitching to attaching metal objects, embellishments are a versatile way to create one-of-a-kind art quilts. If you’ve ever tried to attach objects to your fabric art, you know it can be quite a challenge! If the bits you’d like to add are too heavy they can make…


Fabric Collage Techniques for Creative Exploration

This year my fabric stash has grown considerably so there was a lot of tidying to do this past weekend! After digging through, adding more fabrics, I usually need to reorganize my stash of scraps at least once a year. While going through my scraps, I’m always awash with indecision when it comes to the…

Tablet cover created by Susan out of a variety 
of embellished interfacing that was woven 
together, fused, and quilted.

Embellish Fusibles with Color and Texture

Fusibles aren’t just for appliqué! Stop hiding your fusible interfacing and web between your fabrics. Let your fusibles take center stage by learning to create complex and unique fabric embellishments for your fiber art with tips and tricks from Susan Purney Mark. My contact with fusibles has been admittedly limited–like many quilters, I use it…

Foil Embellishment Quilt

Foil Embellishment Techniques: Tips for Success

Nothing adds a shot of excitement or glamour to your quilt art faster than foil. Foiling is one of the easiest embellishment techniques, but there are a few tricks for success: 1. Choose an adhesive. Selecting the right adhesive for foiling is critical to your success. There are different types of adhesives including spray, hot melt, liquid,…


Crazy Quilting

Here’s an example of Genevieve’s technique on a crazy quilt block. A crazy quilt has blocks assembled from irregular and sometimes scrap pieces; there is no set pattern or design. This type of quilt pattern was popular during the Victorian period when they were made with silks and velvets and heavily embellished with embroidery. However,…


Silk Cocoons

Here, hand-dyed silk cocoons in a variety of colors are ready to be embellished and made into art. Silk cocoons, the purest form of silk, can be stretched and spun into yarn or left whole for collage and other fiber art projects. They can be bought pre-dyed or ready for dyeing and/or hand painting. Often…


Pébéo Acrylic Gel Medium

Examples of what you can do with acrylic gel mediums (like Pébéo gel) from Quilting Arts Magazine Fall 2004 Top-left: Uncolored heavy gel (matte) stenciled on satin. Top-right: Uncolored glass bead gel. Bottom: Pumice mixed with luster/pearl powders and heavy gel (gloss and matte) all stenciled onto dyed cotton poplin. For many creative textile artists,…


Shisha Mirrors

A beautiful example of shisha mirrors on fabric, from the tutorial in Quilting Arts Magazine Spring 2002. Shisha Simplified Shisha mirrors are small, round mirrors used to decorate fabric, often a feature of Asian/Indian clothing. Shisha embroidery – almost as old as glass itself – has long adorned the clothing of dignitaries and common folk…


How to Make Felted Soap – Great Fiber Art Gifts

At farmer’s markets and fiber festivals, I’m always attracted to the handmade scented soaps and baskets of dyed wool roving. Both are a feast for the senses! Imagine my delight when I discovered you could combine the two to create a beautiful work of fiber art that is also useful: felted soaps. They smell great…