Quilting Arts TV Episode 101

101 Surface Design
There is a rich array of commercially printed fabric to choose from ––but you can also make your own with paints, oils sticks, and stencils. First we go to our host’s personal studio and combine simple household tools with textile paints to create original, colorful fabrics. Then, meet Jane Dunnewold to make a versatile stencil from fusible interfacing and nylon net.  Next, it’s our digital feature: Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero creates some amazing kaleidoscope cards.  Then it’s the America Quilts feature with Sue Hausmann:learn to print a watercolor image on printer fabric and embellish with stitches both in computer software or free motion. Last up is Shelly Stokes and adding color and texture to your fabric with paint and textured surfaces using rubbing plates, stamps and household items.

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