Quilting Techniques

Learn how to make a quilt with techniques for experienced quilters and beginners. Quilting tips, quilting lessons and tutorials, quilting ideas–all you need for your quilt making journey.


Quilting Lessons: The Basics of Nesting Seams

Quilting squares, particularly pre-cut charm squares, are one of my favorite ways to construct a quilt top. Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a quilt that marries the ease of charm squares with the efficiency of chain piecing. Using Allie Heath’s Graphic Cross Quilt from Modern Patchwork Winter 2014 as inspiration, I…


Binding a Quilt with Fusibles

So you’ve finished your quilt top and now you’re ready for the quilt binding. I’ll admit it; this is my least favorite stage of the quilting process. I love to hand stitch so I feel like I should like quilt binding; I want to enjoy it, but I don’t. Since I’m not head over heels…


Make Your Own Bias Appliqué Strips—It’s Easy!

Have you ever made your own bias appliqué strips? Even though bias tape is widely available in a rainbow of colors, making your bias strips is easy and it gives you absolute control–from finished width to fabric selection. In her new book Lines by Design Quilts, Debbie Grifka shares her technique for making the bias strips…


Perfect Your Paper Piecing

If you’ve never tried foundation paper piecing projects, you may find that they should come attached with a warning: Try it! You’ll Like It! For many quilters this technique has become an addiction. If you’re just learning, keep in mind it is far easier to do than it is to explain. Author and educator Elizabeth…

Machine quilting example by Frieda Anderson

Free-Motion Quilting Technique Tips

There’s no doubt about it, machine quilting takes time and a whole lot of practice to master. I’ll be honest; lately I’ve been working hard to upgrade my skills from puckered to polished. Something that always helps my learning process is to find information on a technique from as many quilters and fiber artists as…


Mitered Corners Made Easy

There’s no doubt about it, mitered corners can give any pieced project a professional and polished finish. Even though some consider this to be a basic quilting technique, many a quilter has struggled to create the perfect miter, whether it’s for a border or for binding. If you’re new to quilting and want to learn…

Tablet cover created by Susan out of a variety 
of embellished interfacing that was woven 
together, fused, and quilted.

Embellish Fusibles with Color and Texture

Fusibles aren’t just for appliqué! Stop hiding your fusible interfacing and web between your fabrics. Let your fusibles take center stage by learning to create complex and unique fabric embellishments for your fiber art with tips and tricks from Susan Purney Mark. My contact with fusibles has been admittedly limited–like many quilters, I use it…

Foil Embellishment Quilt

Foil Embellishment Techniques: Tips for Success

Nothing adds a shot of excitement or glamour to your quilt art faster than foil. Foiling is one of the easiest embellishment techniques, but there are a few tricks for success: 1. Choose an adhesive. Selecting the right adhesive for foiling is critical to your success. There are different types of adhesives including spray, hot melt, liquid,…