Binding & Finishing

Some find binding a quilt to be the least creative part of quilt making, but we disagree! We have many quilting binding techniques from traditional to avant-garde to use for finishing a quilt. Plus, other quilting finishing techniques like adding a quilt sleeve, quilt labels, and how to baste a quilt.


Quilt Binding Techniques and Tips

Once you’ve finished your quilt top and have quilted the layers together, you’re ready to add the quilt binding. It’s this quilt making step that always makes me want to pause so I can look over a quilt binding tutorial. Even though I’ve bound many a quilt, somehow I inevitably forget one important step that spurs…


Binding a Quilt with Fusibles

So you’ve finished your quilt top and now you’re ready for the quilt binding. I’ll admit it; this is my least favorite stage of the quilting process. I love to hand stitch so I feel like I should like quilt binding; I want to enjoy it, but I don’t. Since I’m not head over heels…


Quilt Finishing Techniques: Choosing a Binding

A Note from Vivika: Our online editor, Cate Prato, has recently delved into traditional quilting techniques including adventures in binding. I asked her to share her experience with you. When it comes to quilt finishing, I’ve always resorted to an easy quilt binding like the pillowcase method. Sometimes I even leave a raw edge. Because…


Finishing a Quilt: Quilt Label Ideas

When finishing a quilt, most quilters add some sort of binding and–if the quilt will be displayed on a wall–a hanging sleeve. But many forgo a label. Why? Often the answer is “not enough time” or “it’s not necessary,” or even “I always forget.” But there are good reasons to attach quilt labels to your…


Learning How to Quilt: My First Quilt and Most Recent Quilt

My beautiful mom with my very first quilt. My mother taught me many things. An excellent seamstress, she made most of my clothes (and those of my three sisters) when I was young, and then taught me to make my own. It was also under her guidance that all of us learned to knit-and crochet,…