Quilting Arts TV Episode 1109: Nifty Quilt-y Techniques

We couldn’t think of a better word than nifty to describe this segment’s projects-they’re surprising, innovative, and different! Ellen Anne Eddy is up first with corded buttonhole binding-it’s a unique and nifty design element. Then, meet designer Debra Quartermain for quick and easy dyeing techniques for wool, plus a pattern for some very adorable owls. Finally, Elizabeth Hartman shows us simple paper foundation piecing. She uses copy paper to neatly piece skinny strips of fabric.

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Ellen Anne Eddy demonstrates a corded buttonhole binding for a neat edge.











Debra Quatermain dyes wool and bamboo felt using Rit Dye.











Elizabeth Hartman demonstrates a paper-piecing technique to tame the bias of skinny strips.











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