Quilting Arts TV Episode 1010: Art Meets Stitch

This episode looks at thread and stitch and their impact on projects. Rebecca Kemp Brent starts us out with a small drawstring bag. All sorts of stitching is prominent, from the machine-embroidered redwork designs to the enhancements with needle felting, punch needle work, ribbon embroidery, and beading. Then Rayna Gillman is back for a return visit featuring her slicing techniques with hand-printed fabrics to create free-form strip sets. Finally we have another returning guest: Jane Dávila gives a lesson on combining stitch, fabric, and paper.

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A Draw String bag by Rebecca Kemp Brent



Deborah Boschert’s illuminated letters


Combine stitch, paper, and fabric with Jane!


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Hand Embroidery, QATV Series 1000