Fabric Painting & Dyeing

Painting on fabric and fabric dyeing are two ways to create your own fabric colors and designs. Learn how to paint on fabric including fabric stamping, marbling fabric, painting with dyes and fabric paint. Dyeing fabric techniques include shibori dyeing, batik dyeing with soy wax, low water immersion dyeing, and resist dyeing techniques.


Sun Printing on Fabric

In my family, there are several accountants, so Tax Day marks the end of working around the clock and the beginning of free time to be filled with activities and adventures. This, paired with the beautiful spring weather, is making my desire to be outside harder and harder to ignore. Surface design techniques are my…

Fabrics dyed using the flat dyeing technique.

How to Dye Fabric in the Great Outdoors

As the weather turns warm and flowers start to blossom, I begin to hear the siren call of the great outdoors. In my world, this is the perfect time of year not only to be inspired by nature but to take my projects outside.  I want to be out there to hear the birds chirping…


Painting on Fabric: How to Choose the Right Paint

Painting on fabric is a great surface design technique to use when making gifts for friends and family. With paint it’s easy to personalize gifts that are handmade or even store bought. Try painting a small symbol, motif, or monogram to create a quick and easy custom present the recipient is sure to love. If…


Fabric Painting Designs: Color-Wash Printing

There are so many options when it comes to fabric painting and surface design techniques. You can use one technique to create a vibrant piece of art or you can layer multiple techniques to create something entirely different—yet no less gorgeous. Color-wash printing is an excellent fabric painting design that is both quick and easy.…


Free-Motion Quilting Inspired by the Masters

We’ve all walked through museums to soak up inspiration as we stop to inspect the work of our favorite artists. There is something about the excitement and wonderment that accompanies this sacred march through galleries filled with works of art. I was reminded of that feeling as I looked through the pages of the eighth…


Fabric Dyeing Techniques: Itajime Shibori

There’s something special about hand-dyed fabric that makes it hard to resist. With so many techniques to try, the possibilities for dyed fabric are truly endless. I particularly like the aspect of experimentation involved when dyeing fabric. For me, dyeing is a great way to try new techniques and dyes without expectation. Some fabrics are…


Texture in Art Quilts: How to Make Custom Rubbing Plates

One of my favorite aspects of art quilts is the artists’ use of texture. I love the way you can layer technique over technique to create a dynamic design that begs for closer inspection. And there are so many ways to create texture! Stamping, stenciling, stitching… I confess, as an indecisive person it can be…


8 Steps to Successful Cyanotype Prints on Fabric

Did you know cyanotype has been around since the middle of the 19th century? This vivid blue printing technique was a popular way to reproduce photographs and documents quickly and inexpensively. In fact, cyanotype prints were often used to print maps and plans, that’s where we get the term blueprint. Nowadays you can buy pretreated…

Tablet cover created by Susan out of a variety 
of embellished interfacing that was woven 
together, fused, and quilted.

Embellish Fusibles with Color and Texture

Fusibles aren’t just for appliqué! Stop hiding your fusible interfacing and web between your fabrics. Let your fusibles take center stage by learning to create complex and unique fabric embellishments for your fiber art with tips and tricks from Susan Purney Mark. My contact with fusibles has been admittedly limited–like many quilters, I use it…