Monoprinting & Screenprinting

Monoprints are traditionally works on paper, but the monoprinting technique is now used by many quilt artists to print their fabric. It involves painting or inking onto a non-porous surface and pressing this surface onto a cloth to create a unique image.


Quick & Easy Screen Printing Project: Khaki Coasters

In true procrastinator fashion, I have quite a few Christmas gifts to make and only 10 days left to create them! The time has come for me to set aside the piecing projects I’ve barely started in favor of easy screen printing projects. The Khaki Coasters from the 2012/2013 issue of Quilting Arts Gifts are…


How to Use an Embroidery Hoop to Screen Print

Screen printing with embroidery hoops is an easy and cost-effective way to try this surface design mainstay. All you need to get started is an embroidery hoop, about a fat quarter of Speedball screen printing fabric (110 mesh) or a sheer polyester fabric, a paint brush, Mod Podge®, a foam brush, and screen printing ink.


Tips for Smudge-Free Printing on Fabric

Thermofax screens have a mystery about them, probably because you can’t just buy them in any store. You have to have a Thermofax machine (an old photocopy technology) or know someone who does. Fortunately, there are many artists who will make these screens for you at a reasonable cost. And once you have your screens,…


Three Exercises to Build Your Surface Design Muscles

I've often heard people who practice yoga or Pilates say they actually feel taller after a session of intense stretching. I know that when I stretch, my limbs feel longer and looser, I'm more nimble and flexible. I feel like I can do more–and I usually can. Imagine, then, what stretching can do for your…


Writing on Fabric: How to Put the Text in Textiles

Is it a coincidence that the word “text” can be found in “texture” and “textiles”? Maybe so. But whether you scribble on background fabric with a permanent pen or make a focal point with 3-D embellished letters, text adds texture to textiles. Here are five techniques for writing on fabric and adding text to your…


Art Couture: Three Wearable Art Techniques to Try

Whenever I go to an art exhibit, a quilt show, Quilt Market, or a similar kind of event, I always keep an eye out for fashion. Not haute couture, but art couture–garments or accessories that reveal someone to be an artist or art enthusiast. At quilt and fiber-related gatherings, you often spot felted handbags, fiber…


Printmaking Supplies for Cyanotype on Fabric: A Blueprint for Success

Fans of indigo-dyed fabrics, blue-and-white pottery, or just the color blue must love the results of the cyanotype printmaking process. Also known as blueprints, these gorgeous cyan blue-toned negatives or images emerge with printmaking supplies like cyanotype chemicals or pre-treated fabric.  Most fiber artists who make cyanotypes on fabric use a similar method: Treat your…


Collograph Printing on Fabric 5 Tips for Great Results

Monoprinting techniques make me feel like a kid in art class: most are easy, fun, and a little messy. But making collograph prints has to be the most fun of all. You start by gathering found objects, gluing them collage-fashion onto a stiff substrate like a canvas board. Varnish over the whole thing to make…