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How to Hand Sew: The Beaded Back Stitch

Hand stitching is a staple in my book. For many quilters and sewists it is, and has been, in their repertoire for years. If you’re like me, hand sewing is the first sewing technique you learned. While chain stitch and buttonhole stitch along with other embroidery stitches are great ways to embellish fabric, bead embroidery–especially the…

Women at the Well

Depicting the gathering of women in an old traditional occupation. Other topics you may enjoy:Journey WomenJourneyA Face in the FlowersNo, Not AnymoreGrandma Sunni

Journey Women

Depicts the journey of women.  Other topics you may enjoy:JourneyNo, Not AnymoreGrandma SunniWhat if What's Important?The Buddha Laughed


The stitched lines represent a pathway. Other topics you may enjoy:Journey WomenNo, Not AnymoreGrandma SunniWhat if What's Important?The Buddha Laughed

Crystal Treelaine'

My winter themed seasonal doll, Crystal. Other topics you may enjoy:How to Hand Sew: The Beaded Back StitchWomen at the WellJourney WomenJourneyWhat Lies Beneath

Staycation- swim meets

I made this from a photo of my girls swimming at the pool.  I used painted and commercial cottons, painted cheese cloth, fusible web, stiff interfacing, and beads.  It was a lot of fun.   It will be in the mail Monday!  I hope it makes it in one piece!   Other topics you may enjoy:How…

A Green world through my Green eyes

What's your" Signature Color" ? I love nature so I tend to lean towards green.My entry is a combination of Applique,Beading,Embroidery,Illustration with a permanent pen and quilting.The binding was done with several rows of zigzag on  top of varigated grosgrain ribbon I like to use batik fabrics alot because everyone is different and you can…

Ben’s Story 2012

I have been a weaver since 1976 and make fabric where every thread needs to be in its place.  Maybe because of this I am inspired by the work of Susan Shie. The fabric for this piece is from a class I took with Lesley Riley at QBL.  The fish is fused on and then satin-stitched. My son, Ben, wrote this…