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Painting on Fabric: How to Choose the Right Paint

Painting on fabric is a great surface design technique to use when making gifts for friends and family. With paint it’s easy to personalize gifts that are handmade or even store bought. Try painting a small symbol, motif, or monogram to create a quick and easy custom present the recipient is sure to love. If…


Fabric Painting Designs: Color-Wash Printing

There are so many options when it comes to fabric painting and surface design techniques. You can use one technique to create a vibrant piece of art or you can layer multiple techniques to create something entirely different—yet no less gorgeous. Color-wash printing is an excellent fabric painting design that is both quick and easy.…


Free-Motion Quilting Inspired by the Masters

We’ve all walked through museums to soak up inspiration as we stop to inspect the work of our favorite artists. There is something about the excitement and wonderment that accompanies this sacred march through galleries filled with works of art. I was reminded of that feeling as I looked through the pages of the eighth…


Let’s Talk About Surface Design with Jane Dávila

A couple of months ago I spent the day with Jane Dávila while she was filming lessons for her Craft Online University course, Printing on Fabric with Natural Materials. I watched in awe as she deftly printed fabric using fruits, vegetables, and even rubber fish. It looked like such fun I could barely wait to…


Quilting Arts Magazine June/July 2016

Get ready for summer with the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  This issue has inspiring galleries, group quilts, dozens of techniques,  and artist features sure to stimulate your creativity. Rediscover handwork and embroidery  with Laura Wasilowski. She shows you how to take small vignettes of everyday life and hand stitch without a pattern. Wendy…


Texture in Art Quilts: How to Make Custom Rubbing Plates

One of my favorite aspects of art quilts is the artists’ use of texture. I love the way you can layer technique over technique to create a dynamic design that begs for closer inspection. And there are so many ways to create texture! Stamping, stenciling, stitching… I confess, as an indecisive person it can be…


Quilting Arts Magazine, February/March 2016

In this issue of Quilting Arts, we gathered a wide variety of techniques and encourage you to experiment along with our expert contributors as you explore things like the hot new trend, Pixel Portraits, machine quilting circles and curves with Susan Brubaker Knapp, making cyanotype prints with Sue Reno, and more! You’ll love this magazine…

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Sun Printing Indoors with Lisa Chin

Did you know you can create a sun print inside on an overcast day? Neither did I! It turns out the heat of the sun–not necessarily light it emits–is responsible for creating the print on fabric. While it’s most fun for surface designers of all ages to watch the bright sunlight change their fabric, you can easily bring this process indoors during the cold and cloudy months as long as you have a warm place and some time on your hands.

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Quilting Arts Magazine, October/November 2015

Make time for art quilting as you explore the inspirational and creative possibilities found in the October/November issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. Be inspired by more than 35 fresh art quilts, explore 11 techniques for surface design, embroidery, and piecing, and browse through page after page of gorgeous artwork. For those who love hand stitching,…